Tim Kelly

Tim Kelly writes poetry, fiction and drama and recently published stories include The Girlfriend, The Dollar, The Duchess, I don’t believe in vampires and The Locksmith. He has won a national award for ‘innovation in education’ and awards for scripting and directing short films. His research interests include unreliable narration in prose fiction and subversive literature and film.  In 2016 he produced the documentary, 722 TMX Engineering Battalion, a film about Syrian refugees living in a refugee camp on the Greek border. He is currently writing and producing Story: Tales from a Refugee Camp, a follow-up documentary based around storytelling workshops run on the refugee camp by Coventry University creative writing staff. He is also working on a novel, a black comedy set in a British university. Tim is Course Director and Assistant Professor for the MA in Professional Creative Writing. He also teaches on the undergraduate programmes.

He has lived and worked in the UK, Europe and the Far East and has taught at the universities of Lancaster, Sheffield, St Andrews, Warwick and Doshisha University in Japan.

Tim’s research interests include narration in prose fiction, political cinema and subversive aesthetics. He is interested in the myriad forms of human interaction, in irony and in radical thought. He enjoys exploring the parameters of the acceptable. He has been working with Alyson Morris on a project developing creative assessment across the curriculum.

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