Raef Boylan

Raef was part of the first student cohort to embark on the English and Creative Writing degree at Coventry University. He graduated in 2015 and went on to obtain an MA with Distinction from the Writing programme at the University of Warwick. Raef is now a lecturer in Creative Writing at Coventry University, and has been involved in the modules for Poetry, Magazine Production and Writing for Children.

Interests: Raef predominantly writes short stories and poetry (for both page and performance) but is also interested in stage-plays, screenplays and article writing. His work tends to examine social realism. Part of his current academic research is for a paper titled ‘Does Your Description Stink?’, which will discuss whether the olfactory senses are integral to engaging readers with character and place in fiction.

Experience: Raef is the lead editor of literary magazine Here Comes Everyone, organiser of local poetry night ‘Fire & Dust’, and part of the volunteer team for Coventry-based publisher Silhouette Press. His work has been featured in short story anthologies and other publications. He is currently writing a unified short story sequence and working on a poetry project about the experiences of Coventry’s homeless population.