Alyson Morris

Alyson has been Course Director for the BA English and Creative Writing since the course started in 2013. She has now passed on the role to Lyle Weir. Alyson is Assistant Professor in creative writing, a member of NAWE (National Association of Writers in Education), and a member of the Creative Writing Lecturers’ group organised by WWM (Writing West Midlands). Alyson has a BA (Hons) in Teaching, Design and Technology, an MA in Creative Writing with Distinction, and is currently finishing off her Ph.D in creative nonfiction at Leicester University.

Interests: Her research interests are in creative assessment and student publishing. She is Executive Editor of CovWords, a yearly creative writing magazine for students. Alyson is a crafts person and in particular loves making clothes. She likes to explore the world, and plays piano and guitar.

Experience: Alyson writes poetry, memoir and short stories. She has also published materials for education and marketing, and her creative publications include a poetry collection and short stories.

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